Friday, January 15, 2010

Hard Chrome Plating Application

Hard Chrome Plating use in many application. Because metal with hard chrome plating cover will result a good properties metal, resit to corrosion and harder metal surface. To get the result of hard chrome need many preparation that should be fulfilled the conditions, more detail of this condition can see on my last post.

How to prepare it in order get best result of hard chrome can be seen on my last post below:

Electroplating is the technology of depositing metals from solutions onto metallic surfaces by electrolysis. The resulting of coating process is tightly bonded to the metal surface. Coatings may be used to protect against to oxide formation (rust) on base metal surface, to assist this process it need electric current that flow through the solution, so the solution should have conductivity electric. Bath solution for hard chrome plating usually use as decorative chrome plating.

The uses of hard chrome plating like for tools set (in the top of screw driver), surface of rolls in Industry, piston cylinder, drum filter surface and many others. This work usually is ordered to hard chrome service company to do this job.