Nickel Electroplating


Nickel electroplating or in common says called as Nickel Plating is the process to produce nickel layer on the surface of metal or may applied into non metal surface even still not common. The problem and the technique of nickel plating are already write on the below article that describe many thing about nickel plating. Nickel plating have been used in many application for spare part for bolt and nut and house hold. Other problem that is not connect to technical problem is not discussed here.
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Nickel electroplating or nickel plating is a process to cover of metal surface. There are two kind of process on nickel electroplating, first using electroplating process and second using no electrical process or commonly says electroless nickel plating. Both process result a nickel coating on the base metal.

Nickel electroplating can be applied into many kind of metal, but electroless nickel plating can get best result only on phosporous alloy. Electroless nickel plating can be applied into non conductive material like plastic that already conditioned on the surface. Electroless also can protect object from wear, tear and corrode, even not as strongth as using electroplating process.

result of electroless nickel plating
electroless nickel plating result
  1. Nickel Plating or Nickel Electroplating
  2. Work process of nickel plating
  3. Anticipating agent of nickel plating
  4. Metal distribution of nickel plating
  5. Variable effect to nickel plating
  6. Structure and mechanical properties of nickel plating
  7. Bath variable of nickel plating
  8. Stress versus ductility of nickel plating
  9. Bright nickel of nickel plating
  10. Nickel brightener of nickel plating
  11. Leveling of nickel plating
  12. Wetting agent of nickel plating
  13. Semi-bright of nickel plating
  14. Heavy nickel plating process
  15. Hard Nickel Plating Bath
  16. Chloride bath of nickel plating
  17. Nickel cobalt bath for nickel plating
  18. Nickel iron and nickel flouborate bath for nickel plating
  19. Resizing of nickel plating
  20. Sulfamate bath for nickel plating
  21. Electrotyping bath and double salt bath for nickel plating
  22. High sulfate bath and black nickel bath of nickel plating
  23. How to maintain and control of nickel plating bath
  24. Effect of contaminant on electroplating nickel
  25. How to remove organic and inorganic matter on bath of nickel plating
  26. Anode for Nickel Plating
  27. Wire mesh anode of nickel plating
  28. Preparation of basis metal for electroplating nickel

Nickel plating in spare part look like more bright with yelowish color
Nickel Plating in Spare Part

Nut also can be plated with nickel in order not corrode fastly
Nut after Plating