Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hard Chrome Plating Uses

Hard chrome plating is used in many application in industry. Many tools use in Industry and in service maintenance also plate with hard chrome like on screw driver and in other service maintenance tools. Hard Chrome plating also apply on a piston cylinder such as in hydraulic mechanic system.

After chromium plating process then Chromium metal is deposited on metallic surfaces submerged in a chromic acid plating bath. Since the method is electrolysis, two electrodes exist. The part to be plated is made cathodic by connection to the negative terminal of the rectifier. Inert lead anodes are made electrically positive. When voltage is applied across the two, current flows through the solution and metal is deposited. Actual rates of deposition for commercial parts range from .0005:/hour to .003". Proper control of various plating parameters result in bright, hard, adherent deposits.