Friday, December 1, 2017

Hard Chrome Plating Service

Hard chrome plating applied to many kind of part and use by many customers. Hard chrome plating can be customize to the customer requirements and specifications. Different requirement of hard chrome plating may be vary because each of part have been used in different application that for some customer may need very high spect of hard chrome because of their application need that special treatment like in military plating specifications. Military requirement sometimes difficult to fulfill like chrome in long hollow material like pipe, because electroplating can’t plate in the long hollow. Chrome plating just can do on the near of the end edge of the pipe, this is may need special treatment and special tools to make chrome plating in the hollow pipe can do. Hard chrome plating requirement sometime is not just hard, but also need smooth and bright, and can overcome or avoid of any corrode on surface of chrome plating.

For service company that should meet every requirement of their customer request, must doing continuous training for their customer in order can follow the development of their service and can develop and sometimes need to modify of their process. This improvement can be started by their researcher that usually try on small laboratory for experiment of their new kind of plating process operations. Continuous research and development may need to do in order to meet the requirement of their customers. For old company that don’t doing improvement on their process can be left by their customers because can’t fulfill their requirement that always increase. New innovation and new technology should develop in order can catch all customer requirement and win on the competition of their service. Electroplating service company is already born everyday and high competition will happened to find the winner of this competition, service company that don’t follow the new higher qualification of the product result will be the looser on this competition and finally died.
Chrome Plating (responsive)

Hard chrome customer is very wide and very huge money turn on this business. Almost all Industry need hard chrome plating, tools steel is usually being chrome plated, every shaft of turning equipment is need to coat by hard chrome plating, every hydraulic of certain part big and small is need to coat by hard chrome plating in order can move with smooth and don’t leakage. This is very high market demand on hard chrome plating if you can catch them.

Hard Chrome Plating Product

hard chrome in hollow material
Hard chrome in hollow material

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chrome Plating over Nickel Plating

Find other method of Chrome plating Process:

Bright chrome plating is the final chrome on the surface layer, while beneath of chrome plating can be other kind of plating like copper plating, nickel plating, semi bright nickle plating, micro porous nickel and the final coat is chrome plating. But the usual plating is use nickel plating as base of chrome plating because chrome easier to coat on the nickel plating and easier to be a bright plating.

Other reason of using nickel plating beneath of chrome plating because nickel have better characteristic of stand to corrode and can be plated in thick plating compare with chrome plating. The ratio of thickness and measurable difference in electrochemical potential of semibright nickel layer to bright nickel layer is designed to improve the corrosion resistance. By using a chrome brightener the end result of bright chrome plating can be in perfect result.

Bright chrome plating over the nickel plating can result a mirror bright chrome plating, the appearance can reflect like a mirror. More bright of chrome plating then more reflective the surface of chrome plating of the surface finished. Nickel plating has a white finish and the chrome plating which deposits chromium has a clear translucent finish which is hard and scratch resistant.

The thickness of chrome plating is driven by current electricity so the metal deposit can vary in thickness depend on the electric current. Nickel plating beneath the chrome plating make the thickness of chrome is no need to make thick, usually the thickness of chrome plating is setting in thin thickness because if chrome plating is too thick usually easily to crack. Beside bright chrome plating, the piece can be made for hard chrome plating and decorative plating or black chrome plating over nickel plating. This make the finished object can be vary depend on the purpose of plating on the base metal.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Corrode on Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating (responsive)

Even chrome plating is stand to corrode but this stand is not forever, there is a limited time of chrome plating can stand to corrode. After long time no use the surface of chrome plated can be corroded by the reaction with the air in atmosphere. How long it can stand to corrode, depend on the atmosphere environment, if your atmosphere contain many corrosive substance like in around chemical plant, chrome plating may can’t stand for long, it may only 6 months the surface already have many spot of corrode or rust. As on my experience that chrome plating in the room with bad environment surround the house, the surface of chrome plating can only stand for a year, and the surface of chrome already spot yellowish and brown.

How to clean the rust on chrome plating

When the surface begin to corrode, actually it can happen on the surface of chrome layer or can be corrode on the base metal, because of the chrome layer already scratch make base metal of chrome layer become corrode. If rust happend on the base metal it can’t be removed permanently and need totally clean off the surface and re coating again. If only chrome layer become rust it can be removed by several method using:

  • Chrome cleaner/polished paste
  • Fine steel wool
  • Rubber gloves
  • Water
  • Soft cloths

The rust surface is washing with water first then with soap to clean any oil mater on the surface, and the rust will be seen more clear. Use chrome polish paste for the rust area evenly, then rubbing with steel wool to rubbed all the surface especially to the rust surface. Then clean the polished paste with satin cloth to make bright surface and removed all polished paste on the surface. Clean paste with water and check again if spots already gone, if not yet repeat again with polished paste on the spot surface.

Example of Corroded on chrome surface

chrome corrode 1

chrome corrode 2

chrome corrode 3

Monday, November 13, 2017

Gilding Process

Gold Plating Can do by Electroplating Process or Gilding Process:

Gilding is actually a process to coated of object with gold leaf. While gold leaf is a thin sheet of gold sheet that usually use for gilding process. The quality of gold leaf also can be vary depend on the product sold that describe in karats and shades. So gilding process is actually gold plating, covering the surface of object with gold.

The process of gold plating can just by stick the gold leaf on the object or by electroplating that use electric current. Gilding process is a number technique of decorative finished applying in some object like wood, metal or other object. The process of gilding should by experience persons, this process include hand application and gluing. After the gold leaf being stick on the object, the next process can be burnishing, water gilding and oil gilding that is used by wood carvers and gilders. Experience person know what temperature can be applied on this process because if too hot, burnishing can make the surface of gold leaf can change into red color.

Gilding Process is use many kind of tools that like work in detail ornament:

gilding tools 1
Gilding Equipment 1

gilding tools 2
Gilding Equipment 2

Some example of Gilding products and their application:

gilding process
Gilding Process

gilding application
Gilding Application

gilding product
Gilding Product
Find other kind of gold plating process:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Power for electroplating

Electroplating need DC power source that can supply DC electric current in stable flow. For industrial company this may can supply by high power system that already make with perfect electric circuit, so DC electric current is not a problem anymore. For small uses like home industry this can be problem because their electric circuit sometimes is not perfect so that the current flow is not stable, in our country this always problem because electric source that supply from government still don’t stable the range is too far for example from 170 volt to 210 volt, this can make difficult to arrange even use current controller.

The quality of deposit coated metal such as in chrome plating is very dependent on the electric stability. The brightness and the regularity of thickness can be not even if the electric source is not stable flow. For small part may can result in evenly coated thickness but for wide part this can be problem if electric current flow is not high enough or less from the limitation. The DC current electric source should be able to supply electric current 5 A per sq ft of object to coat by chrome ion. If the electric current up and down to wide span, this can be difficult to arrange.

So the problem on chrome plating itself is not just from the preparation of base metal such as electropolishing but also from the DC current electric flow also should be stable. If any certain disturbance while running process the chromium deposit can be very brittle or too soft, out of the standard quality.