Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chrome Plating Equipment

The equipment needed in the process of chrome plating is similar with other kind of electroplating. The different may on the metal base for electrode use as anode. Because the different process of electroplating may need different qualified anode to get the best result of electroplating. As have describe on the article last time, anode use for chrome electroplating is lead. Because lead is not react with chromium acid as main chemicals for this process. The equipment for every kind chrome plating basically are the same, such as for hard chrome, porous chrome plating or black chrome.

The other equipment is metal box that is better build from stainless steel or from carbon steel that covered with lead metal on all the surface. If just use carbon steel for the bath tank, then the result can bad and rather black because of the impurities from iron metal. Many kind metal box build here like for pretreatment and post chromium plating.

The most important is best DC current source that can supply direct current electric, this DC electric source must be stable and can supply high current with low voltage. On the whole process just need about 10 volt of voltage but the current that flow must be able to control and adjust. Electric source should stabilize in order result stable output current.