Saturday, October 25, 2014

Electroplating Process Flow Diagram

Electroplating Flow Diagram actually already discussed on this blog but still don't make a flow diagram as flow diagram. Flow diagram actually function for people want to know globally but don't want to know each detail process and what the chemical use and what the problem on each process. Flow diagram process usually just explain to the new comer or to the visitor who want to know the whole process of electroplating or of each electroplating process such as; chromium plating, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, etc.

The process flow diagram in one plant as follows:

electroplating flow diagram

Flow Diagram Explanation

  • Strip = Removal of old plating or paint
  • Rumble = Bulk processing of medium size parts, from burr removal to preplate or polish finish
  • Blast = Glass grit or bead blast, from scale removal to preplate camera finish
  • Electroless Nickel = Special even coat on stainless steel, and non ferrous material
  • Chloride Nickel = Preplate coat on stainless steel
  • Zincate pre-coat = Coating to enable plating on aluminum and its alloys
  • Brighten = Chemical semi-bright processing prior to Anodize