Monday, November 2, 2009

Problem on Hard Chrome Plating

Pollution problem on electroplating process become general problem encountered by electroplating industry. The other problem of electroplating process is especially for hard chrome electroplating. The problem showed that the high surface tension was greatest up to 22 dynes/cm.

By adding some surfactant solution to electroplating baths this tension can yield considerable lower surface tension. This using of surfactant can make a pollution problem on their fluid waste. As it turned out, the tensiometer yielded considerably lower surface tension readings, which in turn has allowed the facility to substantially reduce the frequent additions of surfactant solution to the baths. Overall usage is down approximately 80%, which translated to a savings of close to $1000 per year in operating costs. The company owner’s anxiety level has also dropped substantially as he now feels more confident that they are complying with the regulation.

Those problem can source not just from the bath but sometime also from the instrument or electroplating equipment that easily broken because of corrode. By using of good tensionmenter on the bath will can operate electroplating in accurate procedure. In addition, maintaining higher concentrations of the surfactant due to inaccurate surface tension readings could, in some cases, result in pitting problems with the chrome finish if the facility is doing thicker hard chrome plating.