Thursday, January 7, 2010

Electroplating Experiment

Try one Experiment:

To do an experiment of electroplating really for fun, because we can see the result directly and feel amazing after see the chemical reaction effect of electroplating or the result of experiment. To see the result of electroplating experiment actually just need a few second, but to prepare this experiment we need long time. Include in preparing the chemicals and preparing the electroplating tools. This preparation sometime eat time, and if we don't know the source or less of knowledge will get a bad result. I just suggested before you do an experiment, beside you need enough theoretical material, you should know the practice of electroplating from the practitioner that already do this. Sometime they just use a simple tools for doing an electroplating process but with a good result, so you better learn from them. They sometime serve openly to electroplate the metal from their customers, and you can learn and see the real practice.
To do an experiment, we must set the goal, such as like on the below:
  1. Explore the properties of an electrolytic cell by stydying the electroplating of Zn and Cu electrodes.
  2. Examine the oxidation reaction of copper when exposed to heat treatment and chemical dip.
  3. Compare the oxidation and reduction strengths of copper, aluminum, and zinc and various etching agents.