Friday, November 3, 2017

Spray Chrome Paint Uses

Spray chrome paint currently become advertising widely in the internet, after most people already knows there is chrome plating generally use by electric current. Spray chrome paint product over more easier on covering surface with chrome. Technically this method possible to do as long as we can dilute of chrome ion into the kind of chemicals. But the shinning of chrome ion will not merge if this is only use a usual chemical like chromic acid, because chromic acid itself have red color. It’s look impossible for me to understand this can work. But you can try to buy chrome paint product in the market, even this product already widely sell online.

Different kind if we use silver coating paint or silver-like coating, actually not really silver but use a dye or metal with silver-like color to dissolve in any solvent. If that is really silver, as logically it is possible have a shiny color because silver naturally already have shiny color, or use brass metal as the main component in the solvent, this is also possible because brass also have shiny color metal. For silver paint also possible of using zinc metal as a main element in the solvent, because zinc already use just like that, dipped metal inside hot melted zinc metal and you will get zinc coated surface with a shiny color (often called with galvanized steel). Other option can be use an alloy this is a mixed metal and dilute into the solvent.

Spray chrome paint use is very simple, as the guide in the can of this product, just clean the surface with soap to clean dirt in the surface, and may need to use thinner if the surface contain too thick of oily dirt. Dried the surface with air pressure gun, and soon you can use spray paint on the surface.

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