Sunday, November 5, 2017

The usage of chrome electroplating

Chrome electroplating is a coating process on the surface of metal use chromic acid or chrome substance use electrolysis method. Chrome electroplating is more prefer to be applied in any metal because some reason like, electroplating product have good looking, chrome plating product stand to corrode better than other substance coated, chrome plating can be plated easily by using low electric current so that this process can use efficient electric power.

Chrome electroplating can be work with efficient chemicals usage because the thickness only in micron so that for a wide m2 area only use small chromic acid is enough. Different with electroless plating, plating area can’t wide area with use small substance, and the coating substance can’t stick evenly in all surface. Chrome electroplating can plated in wide area with homogen thickness and similar quality of chrome layer.

Process of electroplating should be doing in several step in order can get high quality product. These are the step of chrome electroplating should be done: