Monday, October 30, 2017

Nickel Plating Bath Composition

A nickel electroplating bath for obtaining a satin-finish which comprises a solution of acidic continuous phase nickel salt solution, an alcohol soluble poly-amide resin and polishing agent dissolved in bath. The polyamide resin is a member selected from the group consisting of a co-polymer of dimer acid and an aliphatic amine, a co-polymerized nylon and a modified nylon. The electroplating bath preferably contains a cation surface active agent selected from the group consisting of an aliphatic and/or aromatic Quaternary ammonium salt and an aliphatic and/or aromatic fluorosulfonylamine Quaternary ammonium salt. The use of the electroplating bath provides a means for obtaining a uniform satin-finish nickel plating surface on the material plated.

Acidic nickel electroplating bath composition obtaining a uniform satin finish metal plate surface on the material plate surface as below:
  1. Nickel 25 to 170 gm/lt
  2. Polyamide resin dissolved in low molecular weight and alcohol have 1 to 3 carbon atom: 1 – 10,000 ppm
  3. Polishing agent: 0.1 to 40 gm/lt
Nickel is dissolved and forms a continuous aqueous phase solution and poly-amide resin is dispersed in aqueous phase to form a stable emulsion.