Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chrome Plating over Nickel Plating

Find other method of Chrome plating Process:

Bright chrome plating is the final chrome on the surface layer, while beneath of chrome plating can be other kind of plating like copper plating, nickel plating, semi bright nickle plating, micro porous nickel and the final coat is chrome plating. But the usual plating is use nickel plating as base of chrome plating because chrome easier to coat on the nickel plating and easier to be a bright plating.

Other reason of using nickel plating beneath of chrome plating because nickel have better characteristic of stand to corrode and can be plated in thick plating compare with chrome plating. The ratio of thickness and measurable difference in electrochemical potential of semibright nickel layer to bright nickel layer is designed to improve the corrosion resistance. By using a chrome brightener the end result of bright chrome plating can be in perfect result.

Bright chrome plating over the nickel plating can result a mirror bright chrome plating, the appearance can reflect like a mirror. More bright of chrome plating then more reflective the surface of chrome plating of the surface finished. Nickel plating has a white finish and the chrome plating which deposits chromium has a clear translucent finish which is hard and scratch resistant.

The thickness of chrome plating is driven by current electricity so the metal deposit can vary in thickness depend on the electric current. Nickel plating beneath the chrome plating make the thickness of chrome is no need to make thick, usually the thickness of chrome plating is setting in thin thickness because if chrome plating is too thick usually easily to crack. Beside bright chrome plating, the piece can be made for hard chrome plating and decorative plating or black chrome plating over nickel plating. This make the finished object can be vary depend on the purpose of plating on the base metal.