Sunday, November 19, 2017

Corrode on Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating (responsive)

Even chrome plating is stand to corrode but this stand is not forever, there is a limited time of chrome plating can stand to corrode. After long time no use the surface of chrome plated can be corroded by the reaction with the air in atmosphere. How long it can stand to corrode, depend on the atmosphere environment, if your atmosphere contain many corrosive substance like in around chemical plant, chrome plating may can’t stand for long, it may only 6 months the surface already have many spot of corrode or rust. As on my experience that chrome plating in the room with bad environment surround the house, the surface of chrome plating can only stand for a year, and the surface of chrome already spot yellowish and brown.

How to clean the rust on chrome plating

When the surface begin to corrode, actually it can happen on the surface of chrome layer or can be corrode on the base metal, because of the chrome layer already scratch make base metal of chrome layer become corrode. If rust happend on the base metal it can’t be removed permanently and need totally clean off the surface and re coating again. If only chrome layer become rust it can be removed by several method using:

  • Chrome cleaner/polished paste
  • Fine steel wool
  • Rubber gloves
  • Water
  • Soft cloths

The rust surface is washing with water first then with soap to clean any oil mater on the surface, and the rust will be seen more clear. Use chrome polish paste for the rust area evenly, then rubbing with steel wool to rubbed all the surface especially to the rust surface. Then clean the polished paste with satin cloth to make bright surface and removed all polished paste on the surface. Clean paste with water and check again if spots already gone, if not yet repeat again with polished paste on the spot surface.

Example of Corroded on chrome surface

chrome corrode 1

chrome corrode 2

chrome corrode 3