Friday, December 1, 2017

Hard Chrome Plating Service

Hard chrome plating applied to many kind of part and use by many customers. Hard chrome plating can be customize to the customer requirements and specifications. Different requirement of hard chrome plating may be vary because each of part have been used in different application that for some customer may need very high spect of hard chrome because of their application need that special treatment like in military plating specifications. Military requirement sometimes difficult to fulfill like chrome in long hollow material like pipe, because electroplating can’t plate in the long hollow. Chrome plating just can do on the near of the end edge of the pipe, this is may need special treatment and special tools to make chrome plating in the hollow pipe can do. Hard chrome plating requirement sometime is not just hard, but also need smooth and bright, and can overcome or avoid of any corrode on surface of chrome plating.

For service company that should meet every requirement of their customer request, must doing continuous training for their customer in order can follow the development of their service and can develop and sometimes need to modify of their process. This improvement can be started by their researcher that usually try on small laboratory for experiment of their new kind of plating process operations. Continuous research and development may need to do in order to meet the requirement of their customers. For old company that don’t doing improvement on their process can be left by their customers because can’t fulfill their requirement that always increase. New innovation and new technology should develop in order can catch all customer requirement and win on the competition of their service. Electroplating service company is already born everyday and high competition will happened to find the winner of this competition, service company that don’t follow the new higher qualification of the product result will be the looser on this competition and finally died.
Chrome Plating (responsive)

Hard chrome customer is very wide and very huge money turn on this business. Almost all Industry need hard chrome plating, tools steel is usually being chrome plated, every shaft of turning equipment is need to coat by hard chrome plating, every hydraulic of certain part big and small is need to coat by hard chrome plating in order can move with smooth and don’t leakage. This is very high market demand on hard chrome plating if you can catch them.

Hard Chrome Plating Product

hard chrome in hollow material
Hard chrome in hollow material