Monday, November 13, 2017

Gilding Process

Gold Plating Can do by Electroplating Process or Gilding Process:

Gilding is actually a process to coated of object with gold leaf. While gold leaf is a thin sheet of gold sheet that usually use for gilding process. The quality of gold leaf also can be vary depend on the product sold that describe in karats and shades. So gilding process is actually gold plating, covering the surface of object with gold.

The process of gold plating can just by stick the gold leaf on the object or by electroplating that use electric current. Gilding process is a number technique of decorative finished applying in some object like wood, metal or other object. The process of gilding should by experience persons, this process include hand application and gluing. After the gold leaf being stick on the object, the next process can be burnishing, water gilding and oil gilding that is used by wood carvers and gilders. Experience person know what temperature can be applied on this process because if too hot, burnishing can make the surface of gold leaf can change into red color.

Gilding Process is use many kind of tools that like work in detail ornament:

gilding tools 1
Gilding Equipment 1

gilding tools 2
Gilding Equipment 2

Some example of Gilding products and their application:

gilding process
Gilding Process

gilding application
Gilding Application

gilding product
Gilding Product
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