Thursday, October 5, 2017

Free e-book of Nickel Plating Process

To understand the theoretical about Nickel plating process, you may can download from the internet freely. The book is discussed all about Nickel electroplating with good design and good looking picture. But the point of this book just theoretical of nickel plating not practical use, so don’t try base on the theoretical because many parameter still not tell on the theory, what discussed on this e book also already discussed on this blog about 10 years ago. The theory is just for your reference if you are running plant of nickel electroplating. The real hand book should be from equipment supplier how to run the machines.

The book actually complete contain such as:

If you need addition information about nickel plating you can download this e book freely, but on this blog only talking each of the problem and little about nickel plating theory, not in detail.