Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chrome Paint

Chrome paint is make the object surface being paint become shiny like mirror. Chrome paint usually in spray type. Some chrome spray kit allows you to put a chrome or custom colored chrome paint finish over any surface. Goods that already chrome painting look like have applied like bright chrome plating.

spray chrome paint type
Chrome Paint

Chrome paint is very fluid and properly applied and not top coated, using spray chrome paint you can make a thick layer but can’t stick very strong, but use chrome plating, coating surface only few micron but stick very strong depend on the electric current arrangement. Chrome paint can be cover by clear coat but the bright of paint will less loses, less shiny.

Chrome paint usually use in automotive decoration. It can be applied over any type of material, such as metal, aluminum, plastic, wood polycarbonate.

applied for motocycle
chrome paint for motorcycle

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