Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Calculate Surface Object Plated

Here is how to calculate the object to be plated.

The price of plating to sheet metal sometime very difficult if you just calculate as it is. Because the object to be plated often time is not regular form. For example if you have goods to plate with box form or cones form you can measure each size and you can use mathematics calculation. See here about how to count surface area of many kind of cube and tube formula.

Those are a regular form, what about irregular form like motorcycle engine block, how to calculate this? Any idea? If you use mathematics to calculate irregular form it is impossible even you use integral function to calculate surface area. Electroplating service company will not use integral formula to calculate the surface area, this can be very expensive because need mathematics engineer that must pay with high price and need long time. The practice way to calculate the surface of irregular form is just dipped in the water that already fill with certain volume in certain place like in box or in big tube. The initial height is record after the object dipped will rise and the final height is record too. After this you have the difference between initial and final height, after then you can use mathematics formula.
So to calculate surface to be plate is very simple, not like people says that to calculate can be complicated, because they are not practitioners.

The price shown on the table, plating price can be calculated per m2 of surface or more realistic is calculated per kg coated material use. The table below shown for chrome plating, nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, bronze and brass plating.

the table contain of several plating price
Table of Plating Price