Sunday, October 8, 2017

Type of Paint

The type of paint actually any two kind of paint: water paint such as water color paint, polymer paint water based and oil base paint. Water color paint can use for drawing in paper or for interior wall decorative, to make this paint stand to water splash or humidity it should be covered with coating material, water paint also can use for indoor of house but as I know the color not good, polymer paint usually water based after paint already dried then paint changed into polymer and can’t dissolve in water anymore. The quality of this paint actually on the quality of hardener that mix in the paint. And other paint is oil paint, this paint can use for wood, steel or metal, and also can use for wall.

Type of Paint Product

The type of paint product can be vary usually base on the what much request from the market. Here are some of paint product available on the market:

Latex Paint, latex paint water based can be used on both interior or exterior projects. Latex is quick drying, easy clean up and the most part is simple to use. Beside for paint latex usually use for adhesive and raw material of car tire.

Alkyd paint, alkyd paint can be oil based or alkyd base paint. Oil base paints are durable, flow nicely and depending on the color tend to leave the least amount of brush and roller marks.

Epoxy paint, epoxy paint looking for type of paint with endurance, epoxy paint would be your best choice. Epoxy paint do produce inherent problems that other coatings don’t have.

Trim paint, some manufactures make this paint designed specifically for house trim painting. Trim paints tent to have excelent durability and adhesion along with sheen of either semi or high gloss finished.

Elastomer paint, elastomer paint usually use for exterior painting walls and trim. Raw wood, masonry along with concrete type substrates tend to give elastomeric paints a good pours surface to hold onto.
Emulsion paint, Emulsion paint like other kind of paints, are the combination of water base and oil binding pigments. Emulsion also include a number of other substance.

Anodized spray paint and Chrome Paint, anodized paint and chrome paint usually pack in spray can because the user only use a small quantity but for huge quantity you must buy a special order in order get in big bottle package. Anodized paint is mixed with aluminum oxide and sprayed in the surface of metal to cover the metal and have attractive color. Chrome paint is paint mixed with chromic acid, this paint is used to cover metal from corrode.

Spray Paint and other Package

Paint product in the market available in two kind of package, product with spray can and in large can. If you need many volume of paint you can buy big package usually use big can or bucket.

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