Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chromium (VI) must be Controlled

Worker must be provided with complete safety equipment in order can work in health condition for long time in chrome plating industry. Chromium plating is purpose to covered metal in order have good properties and stand for long time period. Chromium plating on the process will expose chromium fume. The problem when chrome (VI) or hexavalent chrome also vapor even this gas can cause severe health effects include lung cancer if long time exposed. Exposure limit from OSHA’s for Cr VI about 5 µg/m3 maximum 8 hours exposed. Chromium VI on the bath can be created by the temperature increase that can be affected by the electric current that flow on the bath solution. The character of hexavalen chrome is more easily to vapor compare to chromium III that more stable on the bath solution.

How to control the concentration of Cr(VI) 

To overcome the availability of Chromium (VI) we must know what or where this substance come from. Several source that developing Cr(VI) on the workplace.

Full Face Masker
  1. This electroplating process is use electrodes (anode and cathode) that is connected to DC electric current source make each electrode developed gas and this gas then merge to the surface bring chrome substance Cr (VI) together, causing bad smell and make chromium concentration drop because vapor to atmosphere. The increasing number of chrome gas will generate higher electrical current in bath, longer plating time, higher surface tension and bad chrome coated in the subject. Chromium vapor can take out using fume hood to remove gas in the workplace and then gas is treated first before blow out into atmosphere.
  2. To much vaporization can make spill and make more chromium vapor. This can be controlled by reduce the electric current that applied on the process.
  3. Use other raw material in order not produce Cr (VI) too much, for example chromium (III) is less toxic than Cr (VI), for this purpose, supplier of chromic acid may can talk much more about the quality of this substance.
  4. For person who work in this plant must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for this purpose must use masker or full face masker.
  5. Use hands glove on working with chrome plating process to avoid direct contact with skid, and use special chemical cloth for work that usually is designed special for working in chrome plating areas.
  6. Put all dangerous sign and hazard symbol like use gas masker or must use hands glove for work and so on.