Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Metal Coating Applications

Metal coating are applied in automotive area and motorcycle like on car accessories and parts of car like window handle, dashboard handle, and in many button. This coating is also apply on radio button, and other accessories parts that completed view of car. Large vehicle parts can be coated in manual varnishing cabins.

Metal coating in medicine engineering is also use to coats many appliances and in many equipments with various surface. Different plastics and metal base are also coated with chrome in large quantities to make easy to treat and also to make more hygiene like on blood sugar measuring devices and highly sensitive operation equipment are already being coated.

Chromium plating are applied as Nano-coating, this nano coating is very thin layer about 1-2 ┬Ám using a very special painting system. Therefore the surface of these coating have a very low wet ability. In this context is often called as “Lotus Effect.” This coating have a very good special effect like anti finger print and easy to clean feature are required.