Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suzuki Skywave with Gold Plating on Wheel Rim

This Suzuki sky wave 2009 is a usual motorcycle, but after some modification on this motorcycle then look different with others. Normally this motorcycle is no special, after modifies on the wheel trim and on the shock breaker this motor look special.

Wheel rim by the diameter of 4 x 14 inch of the front and 5,5 x 14 inch of back side are plated with gold, that gold color is not from golden paint or from golden chromium plating, but this is the real gold plating. For making this plate covering back rim need about Rp. 3 million gold plating.

On this motorcycle the back wheel look shift more to back, but actually assembly as standard like the others. The secret is on the incline of the sock breaker adjusted more tilted. Changes made by sliding the handle on, making the view of deceived, as contrived back axle.