Thursday, October 19, 2017

Polution Control of Chrome Plating

Environmental protection become very strict currently and chrome plating industry include of one Industries that can contribute to pollute environment. To lessen on polluting environment several tips on doing electroplating should be done:
  • Reduce Dragout and Water use: Minimized dragout and to minimize extent possible, return residual dragout to the process tank.
  • Install dragout racks over tanks or drip guards and return solution to process tank
  • Perform initial rinse tank with return of solution to process tank
  • Avoid solution disposal by minimizing bath contamination and using available maintenance technology recycle wwtp (waste water treatment plant)
  • Minimize Chromium fume to air emission to workplace and community. Use less toxic substitute technologies where applicable.
  • Use developed technology on process waste water for example ion exchange technology, ion transfer technology or membrane electrolysis.
This one is diagram of ion transfer technology that used in Navy testing.

ion transfer technology

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