Monday, October 16, 2017

Electroplating Plant

electroplating plant
Electroplating plant is should be arrange in serial work, because each process need different chemicals and from batch to another batch need rinsing in order not contaminated chemicals on the serial batch. Electroplating plant should be designed in semi batch process, can’t run in continuous process, because before and after electroplating process the object need certain treatment. Automatic process is not on the electroplating work but automatic mean every batch is doing by robot, so people just control of every step robot work and the quality of all process, including the quality of chemical solution bath concentration.

Each bath chemical solution is purpose for certain product, for example in producing chromium plating, there are bright chrome plating, black chrome plating , semi dull chrome plating, white chrome plating and any other chrome plated color. Only the preparation of base metal may can have the same process, for rinsing and polishing of each color of chrome plating can be in different method even can use the same equipment. Waste of rinsing and cleaning can be mixed for various chrome plating color, and need further waste treatment process, to make environment friendly.

General order of electroplating process such as follow:
Each of different process which use different chemicals must use different bath but for process which use same solution like just water may can use same bath, it is depend on the plant layout. Each plant can be different layout.

If there are any other electroplating purpose like Nickel plating which use different chemical solution, this need different bath, other wise they must clean the bath every do other kind of plating, and for this can be inefficient work. The plant which apply of many kind of plating can be arrange in serial process and parallel process order.