Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Electroplating Service in Indonesia

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To make your part look more excellent you can try go to electroplating service at some place like in Jakarta or in Bandung or in Surabaya. The price is cheap compare to industrial service, because it can be produce in simple way. They can serve some motorcycle parts, car parts, engine parts and other kind of parts build from metal or from plastic material, basically they can serve metal electroplating or plastic electroplating.

Electroplating on Car Parts

Electroplating on Engine parts

Electroplating on motorcycle parts

Some place you can visit and ask directly to the some electroplating service you can contact to this company:
  1. Jl. Kapuk Raya No. 55 west Jakarta 11720, telp. 021-
  2. Jl. Kelasi No. 19 Surabaya Telp. 031-
  3. Jl. Swadaya kp. Buaran Utara Tambun selatan – Bekasi Telp. 021-
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