Friday, November 7, 2014

Nickel Plating Brightener Products

Nickel Plating is important step in many electroplating process. Nickel plating becomes the first process before other kind of metal electroplating being applied. Nickel plating also applied as the end surface coating, so need the perfect process plating. To make the process nickel plating become perfect and bright, we must use nickel brightener agent on the nickel plating bath.

Many of Nickel Brightener products are offer in the internet, some of them are made in China. Those product as follows:

HN-R80 BRIGHT NICKEL PLATING ...Nickel sulfate 250~300g/L Nickel ...5). Suitable for multi-layer or double layer nickel plating of motorbike parts, home appliances and so on.

HN-6 BRIGHT NICKEL PLATING ...Nickel sulfate 240~300g/L Nickel chloride 45~60g/L ...6). Excellent esthetic nickel layer suitable for gold /silver / imitated gold plating.

HN-R100 BRIGHT NICKEL PLATING ...Nickel 240~300g/L ...6). Due to its excellent leveling ability, suitable for single sided layer nickel plating of tube-like home appliances.

LC-420 BRIGHT BARREL NICKEL PLATING 2. Bath...Nickel sulfate 220~280g/L Nickel chloride 40~60g/L ...Brightener LC-420 0.3~0.5ml/L ...Brightener LC-420 200~250ml/1000A.

Brightener for N-2005 Barrel Nickel Plating ...2. The plating with low stress, is ...4. With a wide operation range and stability, it is suitable for barrel plating.

PPS is used as a stronger leveling agent in nickel electroplating bath at a concentration of 10-50mg/L. ...1. For Nickel plating DEP, PPS, PPS-OH, ALS, BEO, BBI,... PME etc. ...