Friday, October 31, 2014

Interest to Electroplating

If we asking why people interest to the process of electroplating even those people don’t know the chemistry or chemical process. Electroplating actually pure chemical engineering knowledge even the graduate from chemical engineering still don’t exactly the how to produce a good product using electroplating. On the plant it may combine with electrical engineering knowledge because of process need to regulate the electric current and voltage. Some reason why people want to know this process as follows:
  • Many product become look artistic after electroplating process apply, even this process need perfect step to get really good finished product.
  • Product become more expensive after finished with electroplating process, compare with the raw material itself.
  • Plastic can be finishing by electroplating and look very great and look like metal even the strong of this product is less than metal.
  • They still don’t know the difficulties on all the process to producing electroplating product include the regulation on clean production.

To make you more understand to the electroplating product you can overview on the pictures below:

Electroplating Product
White bright product is use electroplating with nickel and finished with chrome plating. Black or grey color may apply with nickel plating then with chromium plating but using different electric current. Gold color bright product is combination chemical processes in order get this art color. This process still being patented, so you can’t produce this kind product without buy the patent. You can buy tool kit to produce this but actually you also have paid the patent.