Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Electroplating Legal Patent

The extension of legal patent of certain patent is no longer needed, is this mean that we are no need permit to use the process of electroplating? May be because of many people in the world already use use this Chromium Electroplating Process without patent anymore or patent payment is not effective anymore. People don't want to pay of that certain patent process so that patent is no longer need to be extended.

Some important point on the patent you can read as bellow, so that you can develop your process in order can optimize of your electroplating process:

A plating process for plating chromium metal onto substrates is disclosed. The process uses a trivalent chromium plating bath with a sulfate and/or sulfonate matrix. The process also utilizes insoluble anodes. An addition of manganese ions to the plating bath inhibits the formation of detrimental hexavalent chromium ions upon use of the plating bath.

The present invention relates to a chromium plating method which utilizes trivalent chromium ions in the plating bath and insoluble anodes. An additive is proposed for the chromium plating bath which will minimize the creation of hexavalent chromium ions at the anode while the plating bath is being used.

The present of hexavalent on electroplating bath often disturb the formation of smooth layer on the metal. With additional of manganese ion like dissolve manganese metal into the sulfuric acid bath can help to prevent on the formation of hexavalent chromium ions.