Thursday, January 5, 2012

Electroplating Industry

The main problem on electroplating industries are how to control and prevent their waste that produce together with their product. Several components are dissolved on the solution and should be discharge because can’t use anymore as plating materials. The soluble material mostly include on hazardous waste and should be control in proper manner, or must use right waste treatment. Beside liquid waste this industries also produce solid waste and gas waste during the process running. All those kind of waste usually dangerous to human health. People who work on this industries should be protected by right and fulfill of health requirement. If there is deviation to this requirement it can lead of health disorder.

Pollution Control and Prevention
Plating industry may have different combinations of wide variety of processes and there are many ways to improve their prevention or pollution control. Some way that may apply to plating industry as follows:

Changes the Process
  • Replace of cadmium substance with high quality corrosion resistant on zinc plating. Use cyanide free systems on zinc plating where appropriate. On cadmium plating can use bright chloride, high alkaline baths or other alternatives, but use complex agent of cyanides may cause problems in waste water treatment for they may result in the release of heavy metals.
  • Use trivalent chrome instead of hexavalent chrome for chromium plating.
  • Give preference to water based surface cleaning agent, where feasible, instead of organic cleaning agents, because of of those materials are considered toxic.
Reduction in Drag out and Wastage
  • Minimize drag-out by affective draining of bath solutions from plated part by measures such as drain holes in bucket type.
  • Allow dripping time of at least 10 to 20 seconds before rinsing
  • Use fog spraying of parts while dripping
  • Maintain the density, viscosity and temperature of the baths to minimize dragouts.
Many other ways can apply for environmental consideration, because plating industry have a big contribute to the pollution if not control in a proper ways.