Saturday, December 31, 2011

Electroplating Equipments

One the most important on electroplating practice should use perfect electroplating equipments. If just use a conventional equipment, it very hard to get good plating result. Electroplating equipment should designed adapted prototype facilities to the parts size, result condition and chemical condition will be used on electroplating process.

There are some electroplating equipment for certain aim of products:

1. Mobile Coating Equipment
This tools are used to process or repair parts on site that need electroplating service. Electroplating equipment can be build on site and should be simple assembling.

2. Tools and Plant for Precision Plating
This equipment should able to serve an equipment with precision result, the product that need of precision plating such as shaft of hydraulic and other small part that will construct in other precision equipment. Highly product specific plating cells are needed for this service.

3. High Speed Plating
In order can produce electroplating product with high speed deposition, it is need an increase of current density. This equipment need a shifting point to move the product from plating bath and change with other new materials. High relative movement needed for this between electrode and cathode.

4. Selective Plating by Brush and Spot Plating
Selective plating outside the electrolyte is carried out by hand using the tampon process. To moving the material can use by automatic robot or by peoples.