Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Electroplating Producers

Top producer have almost these criteria when they are working.
  1. Always assume that customers are valuable commodity, you should invest yourself and going to go through the whole thing of below.
  2. Be accountable
  3. The third one is to have a good, solid work ethic.
Top producers invest in some sort of personal or business coaching and they can get a coach just for one a day, one time. Coaches and professional coaches are really something that are powerful now and they give a different prospective. The biggest thing is they keep you accountable which is going to be the third topic to talk about today, Next talk about ethic. People with a good work ethic set deadlines and goals for themselves. They don’t quit until they achieve them.

People with a good work ethic put 40 – 50 hours a week. If we work for 70 hours a week it is not good work ethic, because we are crossing over the line of the possibility and will don’t have a balance lifestyle.
Good electroplating producers always consider about their employee to work more enjoy and safe, their employee can work health and can enjoy their life out of their factory. Give them knowledge through enough training about electroplating knowledge.