Friday, August 6, 2010

Special Types of Chromium Plating

A frosty or satin-finish plate in between cold chromium and bright plate was found desirable for press plates. Such smooth bubbly air or natural rounded nodular plate has been found useful for handling textile materials. Bu use of a special cold chromium plate can produced in refrigerated electrolytes for printing plates.

Other experiments can obtained a black color on chromium deposits by immersion in molten cyanide. The carburizing of chromium deposits for greater hardness has also been frequently attempted. Although the plate is first softened by the heat. It does appear possible to obtain very hard chromium carbide coatings.

Chromic acid also can be deposited by spot plating with a jet of ordinary chromic acid solution, and achieved extremely high local rates of deposition.

To make so deposition on chrome plating developed by adding of organic addition into a chromic bath to give uniformity iridescent chromium plate. Other experiment can obtained similar result with addition of molybdenum compound.