Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to Plate Chrome on Plastic

Basically every part can be plate with chrome, even though sometime more difficult than plating on metal. Plating on plastic becomes difficult because chrome electroplating sometime produce heat and may effect to plastic to deform. The difficulties chrome on plastic is how to regulate the temperature and current flow in order to have a good result of chrome electroplating.
Of course we can’t plate directly on raw plastic, because plastic will not flow the electric, and plastic won’t attract metal from the metal solution. Electroplating must be treated on the metal that can conduct electric current. To make plastic can be plated, first must change this material into material like metal. For doing this people can coated the plastic with metal paint, or coated first with copper. Coated copper on plastic have done by electronic industry to build PCB’s (panel circuit board). This plastic material with copper coated on it than can conduct electric current so this plastic can plated with chrome by electroplating process.

If you have mastered of electroplating process, then you can learn on how copper can be plated on plastic board, this method is the same with coated copper on other plastic part like on car parts or auto parts. If you have learn this all, then chrome electroplating on plastic is not difficult matter anymore. The difficult one just to control the temperature on electroplating bath in order not deform the plastic parts.

You must more practice to make a good result, no industrial or expert persons or institution that dirrectly have a good result for their product or service.