Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Electroplating and Corrosion

The problem on electroplating is corrosion on the part of electroplating tools. Besides using of high corrosive chemicals for electroplating like chromic acid and sulfuric acid, electric current effect also can cause of corrosion problem. Electric current can make faster of corrosion problem.

Some tool industry has developed state-of-the art simulation tools for analyzing and optimizing electroplating and corrosion processes. These tools provide a platform for detailed analysis of any electrochemical system, with support for complex geometries and interactions between flow fields, chemical species transport, and electrical conduction.

The part that should be investigated from corrosion problem such as:
Terminal contact effects on electroplating uniformity.
Additive effects on plating rate and uniformity
Overpotential and related loss mechanisms
Species concentration distributions and related issues and many other effects

Corrosion problem on the tool part can cause the electroplating process not run well and make the product result not satisfied just because the current run is not smooth. The variety of electric current will make the electroplating result not smooth or even not strong enough to plate. The product also will can’t stand longer because can’t stand to corrosion and environment effect.