Friday, October 13, 2017

Thickness Measurement of Plating

How to measure thickness of Plating

Coating thickness can be measured by some tools that using one of these method: x-ray fluorescence, coulometric, beta bacscatter, magnetic induction, amplitude eddy current and phase sensitive eddy current. To make sure of what kind of thickness you will chose better ask to the supplier.

To measure the coating thickness on the plate, you can use x-ray fluorescence tools. This tools can measure the thickness of coating thickness of chrome, nickel and copper plated. The kind of coated of each coating material is no problem, like decorative chrome plating, black chrome, bright chrome, bright nickel plating. Because this tool to measure the thickness using x-ray fluorescence that work only on the base metal.

To measure the thickness of coating surface can use thickness coating gauge such as on the picture below: