Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cobalt Plating over Nickel Plating

The existence of cobalt metal on nickel plating bath make the plating result more bright and lustrous. Dense and lustrous deposit of nickel can be obtained, beside also have other benefit properties like great hardness, elegant appearance and resistance to oxidation also still exist.

The difficulties of using cobalt metal as brighteners of nickel plating is the availability of this metal still difficult on the market, so make the price will higher and of course can affect to the final product price.

Many technical points in connection with the plating of cobalt have not been investigated; the corresponding investigations for nickel have been comparatively thorough.

The numerous statements have been published in the past with regard to cobalt plating, the conclusions to be drawn from the survey of the existing literature and patents would lead one to be very skeptical as to the advantages of cobalt plating over nickel plating. It is noticeable, the conditions for the production of good cobalt plates, vary tremendously among themselves.