Saturday, March 30, 2013

Electroplating Additives Online

You want to know what actually chemicals for electroplating additives, this Is difficult except you already bought this product and communicate directly with the engineer assistance to use it. For example the name of this additives will no use to read, because these are market name of product and have no chemicals meaning behind the name.

DiamoSilb® , AlumoSilb®, DiamoChromTM, DiamoHard-NTM, DiamoGoldTM New word in metal plating. Friction and wear of galvanic metal coatings can be significantly reduced by using of our nanoparticles-based electrolyte additives.

For you who don’t familiar with the chemicals, my advice better don’t by online the electroplating additives product because it’s difficult to use in right the way, and many shop is not right. Better you buy the product if any direct consultation who to use the chemicals.