Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bright Electroless Plating

To make a bright electroless plating can do by simple technique to process by immersion technique. Deposit metal can cover onto copper, brass, copper based alloy, gold and lead tin electroplate.

The process is based on the reduction characteristics of chelated tin in divalent state. Under certain condition, reduction process to pure tin occur readily. On this process use grain-refining agent, free of phosporus, is present as well as an activator and buffer for pH control. Bright electroless plating can use to provide corrosion protection to copper and lead tin electroplate, minimum plate thick about 25 millionths of an inch of tin deposit required.

Bright Electroless Tin is recommended to preserve solderability of printed boards, either copper or lead-tin electroplate. This is also use for plating electronic parts such as diodes or leads and for corrosion protection of die stampings and machined copper or brass parts.

Formula Use:
Prepare electroless plating solution use 5 lbs Tin Powder with one half gallon water and add 4 gallons water. Mix all material will dissolved at about 180 oF.

Bright electroless Tin will deposit about 25 millionths of an inch over 100 sq ft of copper/gallon of plating solution.