Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gold Plating Price

Gold plating price depend on the plating area and how much the gold material used by them. Because the price of material is very expensive usually professional plating company have both small and large part facility service. Large part facility can be various sized barrels, racks and wiring purposes.

Gold is a very interest lustrous color and gold is one of the noble metal so it can stand for long time, which mean that it will not oxidized in air, so its electrical conductivity stays uniform over long period of time. Gold plating have good corrosion resistance, good solder ability, and if alloyed with cobalt will very good wear resistance. Because of this characteristic gold often use for electrical switch contact on certain important appliance, connector pins and barrels.

Several type of gold plating with variate hardness, the grade can be A, B, C or D. Plating with composition of 99.7% of gold minimum have hardness grade A, B or C.  Plating with content of 99.0% of gold have hardness grade B, C or D, that usually use for wear resistant material. Plating with gold content of 99.9% of gold will result hardness grade A only. Material with this plating use in semiconductor component, nuclear engine, thermocomponent bonding, and high temperature application.

Gold Price To Day Per Once:

gold price per once