Friday, November 25, 2011

Gold Decorative Plating

Gold plating often use for decorative purpose, to make the appliance more interest or to make some goods more durable to environmental. Gold plating also available in several colors or types such as type coating with 22ct it is mean that this as hard gold because on plating use mixed gold with other metal such as copper. This color more match with brass fittings and is known as antique gold.

Other color is more richer gold content, more traditional yellow color gold. Mostly for decorative purposes are copper plated then nickel plated prior to gold finish. The layer of nickel plating provides surface strength and protection function of the substrate whilst providing depth and brightness to the final gold plating finished.

Because of the high price gold plating usually applied in very fine thickness in micron thickness. Gold is a soft metal in its natural form and therefore more prone to wear. Gold plating have properties a harder wearing, longer lasting surface. Gold plating offer the advantages of same luster, appearance and color without a solid gold price.

Gold plating often apply to many tape ware like door handles, plates and hinges, Jewellery, architectural fittings, furniture trim, light fittings, church and temple items, trophies, medals and badges.