Friday, July 8, 2011

Creating Home Plating Basics

If gold to plate chrome, it is not in the metallurgical sense. You don’t have a gold mine, is there a visible alternative? There are numerous options, and the neat thing is that for less than what any spend on one bike alone, you’ll be able to put the shine back into rusty old parts yourself and have lots left over for future projects.

Having been down the home plating road several times before, and getting less than satisfactory result. Before we delve further into the how-tos, lets at least be sure we have a handle on the basics. Actually, once the chrome plating process is better understood, it’s lot easier to one specific example, cyanide, lethal in even tiny amounts.

The company sells actual chrome plating kits and a version they cal Copy Chrome, and many other choices for the home workshop. A trip to their web site will reveal the myriad options.

The nickel plating kit features relatively safe chemistry and this metal produces a final finish good enough to stand in for chrome for most applications. Nickel’s also very durable. Another option with nickel is distressing it.