Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cleaner Production of Electroplating

The program of Environmental Department is cleaner production for all industry in their government. This can be difficult especially for industries that use many chemicals for their production process. The main propose of this program is to produce product without any pollutant expose to the environmental. The available check on this matter just can be prevented and evaluate just on the solid and liquid waste, but on gas pollutant are difficult to check because the gases can be expelled to the air and after that will mixed with the atmosphere. The normal and continual check to exposed gas just on the continuous gas release, but on the incidental or a moment release this can't be controlled by government. This cleaner production program can be occurred just by the commitment of the management.

Electroplating industry like on chromium electroplating has many environmental aspect and have highly polluting industry, there are many resources available to help the metal plating industry improve its environmental performance. Even though trade associations have technical guidance, supplier and discussion forum where serve for all question about product and waste process and give several major programs focused specifically on helping the sector with pollution prevention, but cleaner production really as difficult aspect factor for this kind industry.

Cleaner production is not just applied to the developed countries, this regulation also should be implemented to the developing countries early, because the whole cost of this process should counting all the cost need to produce certain product like on nickel plating for example.They are not just count overhead cost but don't include the cleaner production cost even produce in developing country. If the investor don't want to invest in developing country because of this rule, developing countries should produce other product that more save for their environment.