Thursday, January 13, 2011

Electroplating Project

To practice a project of electroplating, has purpose to make some metal can pretend long in environmental exposure, especially in corrosive air like in industrial environment that usually emit many of corrosive gas to metal. Iron and brass usually widely and available metal, to initiate this project that much consume in manufacture industry.

The advantage of this metal to be the metal base on this project are inexpensive and easily to form and have strong, but both of this metal are easily to rust and corroded in exposed air. To prevent this metal from rusting people often treat this metal by covering with plastic, oil, paint, but the best properties of the covering material electroplate by chromium metal.

Project description
In this project you will experiment electroplating and deposit a layer of one metal in the other. Although the purpose of this project is learning the principals of electroplating, you may choose to study the effect of different variables such as temperature and pH on the process of electroplating. Adult supervision and safety precautions are required while working with chemicals and hazardous objects.