Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Uses of Chromic Acid

Chromic acid have many used in industry and in laboratories. Chromic acid is used in industry as chrome plating materials and in the manufacture of wood preservatives. In laboratories this chemicals usually used as glass cleaning agent.

Chromic acid have red-brown color but after convert by electroplating process change to white color and can be brightened. Chromic acid grade CA Ultra can use virtually dust free in applications and the thin structure of the standard flake product gives exceptional the chrome dissolving rates.

Chromic acid is used as one ingredient in the preparation of wood preservatives and the chrome plating process.

Chromic Acid in Plating Preparation
The most visible uses of chromic acid as ingredient, a wide range of metals and plastic are treated by electroplating process to produce a durable, tarnish resistant and high luster finished. Application uses include in appliances, plumbing fixtures, automobile accessories and hospital equipment where hygienic, wipe-clean surface is a must.

The type of electroplating sometimes referred to as hard chrome plating, is applied in much thicker layers for heavy industrial applications. Hard chrome plating increase wear and corrosion resistance whilst creating a lower friction so efficient.

Preservation Properties
Chromic acid is also used extensively as an ingredient in formulating industrial wood preservatives. Chromium acid here function as a fixative, binding vital biocides to the wood which give protection against insect and fungal attack. On normal condition wood just can stand for six month, if treated by chromium based can extend this to over than 30 years.