Monday, June 29, 2009

Electroplating of Other Metals

Magnesium and aluminum cannot be format as coatings by electroplating from aqueous solutions as they are too basic. Most other metals in common use can be electroplated, but their industrial demand is limited except for the metals already mentioned.

Lead is sometimes plated onto chemical plant or for special purpose bearings. Indium is plated onto the lead bearings. A fluoborate solution is used in both cases. Platimun and Palladium coating are sometimes used for jewellery and for electrical instruments, but of the platinum metals, rhodium is the most utilized as a thin (1 mg/cm2) tarnish preventing coating on silver and in thicker layers for electronic switching devices.

Last Electroplating Type:
Thin Plating
Zinc and Cadmium Electroplating
Copper Plating
Gilding or Gold Plating
Silver Plating

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