Saturday, November 1, 2008

Others Non Metallic Coating

The more important of non-metallic coating for metal are vitreous enamel and the various type of organic coatings such as paint, enamel and laquer. Nevertheless there are a number of other processed for producing non-metallic coatings which it is convenient to mention first, since they are either skin to electroplating processes or are preparatory to painting processes.

This further process of metallic coating have purpose to produce that considered to be visually pleasant or more bright, especially where patterns of clean and tarnished metal appear side by side due to constant handling.

The kind of further metallic coatings are as follows:

  1. Metal coloring processes
  2. Phosphating
  3. Treatments specific to aluminum alloys
  4. MBV treatment
  5. Chemical and electrolytic brightening of metals
  6. Bright anodizing of aluminum alloys for bright trim

The detail of those process will discussed more detail on the next blogs, so continuous read and follow every new articles of my blogs post.

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