Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hand Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

Parts that will treatment by electroplating can be cleaned by hand cleaning method. This method if the part is not even and need special treatment by hand in order the dirt on the gap sometime can not be cleaned by chemical cleaning.

This method is usually resorted to when the volume of the work to be cleaned is small or the pieces are too large for easy handling in other types of cleaning equipment. There is no set procedure for hand cleaning; the solution is applied with brushes, swabs, or cloths. The operator should be properly protected by means of suitable goggles, gloves, and other protective clothing. The use of toxic or flammable solvents should not be permitted in hand cleaning operations.

When a shop has plating failures, one method of isolating the trouble is to hand clean a part thoroughly and then acid dip and plate it. If it plates satisfactorily, the trouble is in the cleaning cycle. If it does not plate well, the problem is in the plating bath.

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