Thursday, May 29, 2008

Electroplating Business

In Indonesia many small workshop spread in side of road especially in Jakarta of Electroplating Service that can treat your spare part or appliance to be electroplated. These workshops are applied a simple electroplating method, but the method is not use a standard that should be intention on this process, so the product will not get an optimum electroplating product. The product is not durable and easy to abrade, so the genuine metal will looked and corrode. They don't consider the durability and the quality of electroplating result, even don't treat the metal before electroplate.

Electroplating in industry use special method and use qualified raw material, industry really intense on the process order that they should follow. They don't have purpose for small customer and hope can build a long relationship with their customer, so they are very consent to the professionalism and continuous to create the product with more qualified result. Beside they use pretreatment for metal that will electroplate, they also don't electroplate directly with chromium to the metal, because this chromium can't strongly stick to the metal for long time. Other base substance electroplating must be treated to this metal before chromium electroplating. Nickel base electroplating is better and stronger plated on iron or other steel. Nickel plating also easy to plate and enter into the small hole that may available on the metal, so nickel plating will cover the entire surface better and smooth than chrome.

After the base electroplating is treated to metal, they do with chromium electroplating to get a bright surface. Chromium plating also more easily plate on the nickel than to the steed or iron directly. These all cycle of electroplating will need more time and cost so don't like apply for small business like that. The quality will better and more durable and have longer lifetime and will tight stick to the metal. This why, if you do electroplating in small workshop will have short lifetime and easily corrode.

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